Our Story

Are you accessing our story from a NYC public school? Try watching our video on Vimeo.

During the 2014-2015 school year, our class was studying rights movements (e.g. African American Civil Rights, Latino Rights, Women’s Rights, Native American Rights, LGBT rights). We used several web resources for our research including BrainPOP.com, an educational website with animated videos, articles, and activities on a variety of topics.

A student researching LGBT rights noticed that BrainPOP had videos on several rights movements, but not LGBT rights. She wrote an email to BrainPOP asking why there was not a video on LGBT rights and requested that a video be made. The company said that they would pass along the suggestion.

Unsatisfied, students formed a group called “Kids 4 LGBT Rights Now.” The group sent more emails to the company and requested a meeting. How did BrainPOP respond? Read “Hello, BrainPOP?” to learn more 

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