A student’s perspective on what it means to be gay

I want to write about how some people say it’s bad to be gay when it is not. Being gay is just saying that you have another perspective loving somebody. For example, let’s say you’re a boy and you like another boy, that’s not bad, it’s just saying you don’t have feelings for girls, that you having feelings for people in your own gender. They are loving the people they love and shouldn’t be forced to love someone you don’t. What’s great about New York City, everybody can be themselves and everywhere else it seems like people try to be like each other so if your different for the group it’s hard. In New York City it’s easier to love who you want to love because difference is one of the best things that mother nature gives us yet. It would be boring if we were all the same. You would never really do what you love because you would always have to follow everybody else.


We met with Jared Fox!

Jared Fox Visit

Jared Fox is the LGBT Liaison for the Department of Education. He asked to have a meeting with Kids 4 LGBT Rights Now after watching our video. You can read more about his new role in this article. Jared helped the group to strategize and lent his full support to the campaign. Here is a summary from one of the kids:

The meeting , I think was very successful. First Mr. Fox gave us some background. He told us he was from Cleveland and in high school he was given a really hard time after coming out and saying he was gay. He told us that he was the first LGBT liaison at the Department of Education. We all spoke about the so called  reasons why BrainPop did not have a LGBT rights video.  Jared gave us his opinion on what he thinks he could do to help us, and after that he gave us the opportunity to share our ideas. We decided that the most productive way to do this is to create a shorter video. So we did that and we are excited to see what happens next!